Shri Trikuteshwara is the patern Diety of GADAG. The temple was built by the early Chalukyas between 6th to 8th Centuries. The temple bear rich evidence of the grandeur of Chalukya architecture. To a visitor, a visit to this architectural beauty is a must.


The SARASWATI temple is the temple of Goddess of learning. It is a marvelous structure with its fine architectural beauty. The architecture is characterised  by marvelous intricacy and artistic finish is the minutest detail which one has to see to believe.


 The Veeranarayana Temple they say was built in the 11th Century. The legend goes to say  that "NARANAPPA" better known as " KUMAR VYAS " recited the great epic before the lord by invoking the blessings of the Lord. The legend says that Naranappa got the inspiration to recite the epic only during the time he sat before the Lord in a holy posture in a wet cloth dried up. The stone portraits of various Gods and Goddesses chiseled on the GOPURAM of the  temple are a feast to the eyes of artist or even a layman. A Brindavan of saint RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIJI  is also built recently in the temple premises. This temple attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year.

                          SHRI JAGADGURU TONDADARYA MATH

  This is a 12th Century Math founded by Saint Tontada Siddalingeshwar Swamiji who was an accomplished YOGI. His " SAMADHI" is situated in front of this Math and fair on an extensive scale is held in the month of March every year in commemoration of the Saint.

                                                  The geographical situation of ancient GADAG [ Kritupura ] is interesting. It is bounded by river Krishna towards the North, the river Tunga Bhadra  and Kappata Mountain range towards the south, the Pampa [ Great Hampi ] towards the East and Sahyadri Mountain range in the West.

                          The following are the important, ancient and historical places nearby and worth a visit.


BELADHADI :             A village situated at a distance of 10 KMs from Gadag. Famous for "Sri Rama Temple  ". The idols of Sri Rama Laxmana and Sita are of unique beauty and were installed  by the famous Saint Swami known as " BRAHMANANDA MAHARAJA."  

HOMBAL :             A village at distance of 12 KMS from Gadag famous for its old temples.  

LAKKUNDI:             A village at about 12 KMs from Gadag. Although it is a small village now, it was once the capital city of the great Chalukya Kings. The 101 wells, the multitude of Temples of architectural beauty and the  JAIN BASADI's to say stand as living monuments of the ancient glory of LAKKUNDI. It is said that Lakkundi in its still earlier days was the capital of the Great Emperor SHIBI  who is said to have given his own flesh to save the life of a Bird which sought protection with him.  

VENKATAPURA :      A temple of Lord Venkatesh. A legend goes to say that the Lord in order to please a devotee who was unable to go to TIRUPATI emanated in a rock embedded in Cowdung. The place is about 15 KMs from Gadag. One has to visit this place if he loves peace and desired the blessings of the LORD.  


1.      Annigeri                          7. Lakshmeshwar

2.      Dambal                           8. Naregal TDB Guest House

3.      Gajendragad                   9. Ron

4.      Gadag                            10. Shirahatti

5.      Naragund                       11. Belavanki

6.      Navalgund                      12. Hulkoti.